Sugaring Hair Removal

Can Sugaring Really Decrease Hair Growth?

Yes, sugaring consistently and correctly decreases hair growth. The sugar paste is applied against the direction of hair growth, gripping hair at the root, and removed in the direction of hair growth. This technique causes damage to the wall of the hair follicle resulting in hair growing back finer and eventually stops growing altogether. Sugaring is perfect for legs, arms, underarms, and areas that require frequent shaving. 


How is Sugaring Different than Waxing?

-Hair grows in 3 different stages, so if you're new to sugaring you will have to return 10-14 days or sooner in order to remove hair that wasn't exposed during your initial session. With every session, you will be able to go longer in between appointments.

-Sugar paste is applied at room temperature and does not attach to live skin cells. This method will not burn your skin nor cause damage like loosening of skin tissue, which happens with hard wax.

-Sugaring removes hair at the root, in the same direction of hair growth, minimizing ingrown hairs and pain.

-Hard wax is applied and removed against the direction of hair growth, causing more pain and breakage of hair.


-You can sugar when hair is at 1/6 of an inch, versus waxing at 1/4 inch. 

-Sugaring leads to permanent hair loss over time, if done correctly and consistently.

-Sugar paste is biodegradable and water soluble so you leave feeling soft & smooth without any residue. There's also no strips needed so there is minimal waste created with this treatment.

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